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Cool and easy on the go

This equipment specification is perfect for your next road trip. With numerous comfort features, this bike is easy to manoeuvre through traffic and you can stay cool in any situation. Headlight Pro not only looks iconic, it also boosts your safety. Thanks to heated grips, you have everything under control, even at lower temperatures. There is space for a luggage rack behind the comfortable single seat bench – perfect for your solo trips.

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Headlight Pro

With Headlight Pro, the headlight has an iconic lighting element that functions as a position and daytime running light. In connection with the adaptive headlight, this improves the rider’s ability to see and be seen, making rides safer.


The reverser makes manoeuvring and leaving parking spaces easier, for instance on uneven surfaces and in tight spaces. The electric reverse gear is activated at the push of a button on the handlebars when idling. An R on the display shows it is active. You can head to your next destination in a relaxed way after having effortlessly manoeuvred the motorcycle out of the parking space.

Heated grips

Cold hands are a thing of the past: the electrically heated grips provide multi-level control. They increase comfort and, at the same time, make riding safer because it is far easier to control your motorcycle on cold days and when riding in the rain with warm hands and more feeling in your fingers.

Hill Start Control (HSC)

Hill Start Control enables effortless stopping on hills while the engine is running and makes moving off as convenient as never before. Once activated, the practical moving-off assistant automatically prevents the bike from rolling back, making it a valuable support, in particular for bikers with luggage.

Black, low single seat bench

The sporty, black single seat bench is a shortened seat to suit the luggage rack option. The seat bench surface made of high-quality artificial leather with grey contrasting seams has been perfectly matched to the design of the ride. Perfect for all those who like to ride solo.

Black luggage rack

The black luggage rack is the ideal choice for solo riders who prefer additional luggage to a passenger. The rack boasts a payload of up to 10 kg for smaller items of luggage and is exclusively compatible with the single seat bench for luggage racks.

Primed Filler Panel

Always making a stylish and tidy impression on the road: the primed Filler Panel closes the gap between cases and wings to make the rear of the bike appear particularly tidy. The trim is made of plastic and can be painted in your preferred colour.

Everything you need for your dream bike

You have your own ideas, we have the accessories. You will find everything you need for your personal, customised bike here.

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