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Episode 3: Find your perfect Flow

Being mobile can mean so many different things. What moves you? How would you like to get around? And where to? In our fast-moving world, we are constantly in motion and seeking perfect flow. A state in which we forget time and space and simply be in the moment. A moment in which we are utterly and completely present. We have dedicated the third episode of "The Future Shack" to this wide-ranging topic, and spoke to inspirational people who accompanied us on our journey to find the perfect flow.

The protagonists

"The Future Shack" Episode 3

In search of flow

In search of flow

Our electric scooters and eParkourers dynamically get you around the city, keep you in the flow, and question the status quo. The mantra: "Move your own way". We dedicate episode 3 to this attitude. Journalist Maria Popov set off in search of the perfect flow with three intriguing individuals.

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When I’m in the flow I forget time and stop thinking about other things


Riad Djemili

Game Designer

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