The Pure&Crafted Festival 2023

Music, motorcycles and art

We anticipate it eagerly for ages and yet it is over in a flash. The sixth edition of the Pure&Crafted Festival in Berlin was a resounding success. Numerous music and motorbike lovers filled the hall of the Nåpoleon Komplex with positive vibes and high spirits on this hot July weekend. With live music from artists such as Cari Cari and Drangsal, delicious soul food and plenty of customising inspiration, Heritage fans got bang for their buck.

Having a blast in the new skate park

A visit to the skate park made it clear that bikers and skateboarders are cut from the same cloth. Anyone who felt like it could skate here. It wasn't about putting on an exhibition – it was all about having fun. DJs and live music provided the right groove here as well. Artist Roberto Cuellar created pop art obstacles for skating on here. A result that falls somewhere between sport and art.

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Much was different - much was new. Because Pure&Crafted is always developing together with you.


Pure&Crafted Crew

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