Constantly on the go and ultra flexible: The Urban Mobility scene celebrates the new CE 02. Because it fits the mobile lifestyle perfectly. But it's not an e-scooter. In fact, it is not at all easy to categorise. That's why it is actually creating its own vehicle category: the eParkourer. Fast, flexible and agile, it moves through urban space almost like a traceur. An agile vehicle with a grand mission. Electrical. Environmentally friendly. Just climb on and feel the #PluggedToLife spirit.


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THE COOLEST WAY to move through the city.


Time to move

Hop on

The CE 02 is easy to ride for almost everyone. As with a 50 cc moped, you can start riding with an AM motorcycle licence as early as age 16. You can also ride it with a car driving licence or an A1 motorcycle licence.

Enter the playground

The CE 02 breaks all the rules. Its new design language makes it an eye-catcher – this is what driving pleasure looks like. Visually loud and electrically quiet at the same time. Revolutionary. Iconic. Being environmentally conscious can be stylish.

Explore the city

It moves through the city like a traceur: fast, agile and flexible. With its agile driving fashion and its own style, the eParkourer creates a new vehicle category and takes the city by storm.

Fast forward

You can tell just by looking at it. The CE 02 is bursting with energy. Its stylish shape alone promises 100% driving pleasure. The tape design: very, very fresh. And when it needs to take a break, the battery quickly recharges off a standard domestic 220-volt socket. The reduced-power version can be ridden with just an AM driving licence from the age of 16.

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Discover the CE 02

You want to take your city by storm and be environmentally friendly at the same time? Learn all about the stylish, agile eParkourer.

To the CE 02

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