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"What happens now I’ve decided to go for my licence?"

Good question! There are a few steps between you picking up the phone to us and picking up your first motorcycle. Here’s what you can expect:


Provisional licence.

Before you can ride a motorcycle on the road with an instructor, you’ll need a full UK Driving Licence or provisional UK Motorcycle Licence. The key category is A – which allows you to ride a 125cc bike on a CBT and a larger–capacity bike in the company of a training school instructor.

Theory Test and CBT.

You’ll need to pass your theory test – a two part computer–based test at your local DSA test centre, before taking your Direct Access. But you can either take your CBT locally (before or after passing your theory test), or with us in Royston as part of your Direct Access course with BMW Rider Training.

On bike training.

You’ll progress from a 125cc motorcycle to a larger BMW machine during your practical training with us.

Practical Test Module One.

The first part of your test is at a centre in Cambridge, it involves manoeuvres including a u–turn, slalom and emergency stop, all completed on a large, private tarmac area.

Practical Test Module Two.

Once you’ve passed Module One, you’ll go for a supervised 45–minute ride with your examiner which will cover rural and urban roads. You’ll receive directions over a radio headset. You can take Module Two straight after Module One, that afternoon, or even the following day.

Fully licenced to ride!

Once you pass Module Two, you’re fully licenced to ride any motorcycle. Perhaps it’s time to consider visiting a BMW Motorrad dealership and booking a test ride!

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