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Learning to ride can be a big decision for some – but a very rewarding one! It's natural to be a little nervous and confused; there are many things to consider and endless different sources of information. BMW Rider Training will cut through the confusion and help you through the learning, training and test process. We even provide a bike, riding kit and revision materials.

"What do I need to get started?"
  • A provisional UK motorcycle licence or full UK car licence
  • To be 24 years of age or older
  • To have passed your Motorcycle Theory Test before you begin your training
  • The desire to discover the wonderful world of motorcycles!

BMW Rider Training offers a range of courses which we can tailor to your needs and requirements. We recommend a training period of between five and seven days (depending on your riding experience), which covers everything from your very first time sitting on a bike to (hopefully) tearing off your L-plates after the test!

Find out which course length is right for you

BMW Rider Training provides: two-to-one pupil and instructor training, motorcycle hire, BMW Rider Equipment free of charge (except for boots), full insurance, fuel and CBT certificate

"What does that mean?"

CBT Compulsory Basic Training – A short one or two day course teaching key riding skills which, when completed, allows you to ride a 125cc motorcycle with L-plates on the road (though you can't yet ride on motorways or take a passenger). Your CBT lasts for two years – or until you pass your test!

Direct Access (DAS) – Yours bike test! Anyone 24 and over may take their test on a large-capacity bike, after which they are able to ride a motorcycle with an engine of any size.

Theory Test - A two-part computer-based test which must be passed before you take your practical test. Part one is Hazard Perception: you'll be shown videos of potential dangers on the road and asked to click a mouse button when you see them. Part two is a multiple choice, 45-question test on elements of the Highway Code. The Theory Test pass lasts for two years, or until you pass your bike test.

Module One - The first part of the Practical Motorcycle Test. It takes place on a large concrete pad and tests your slow speed control skills, including riding manoeuvres such as U-turns and a cone slalom. You'll also perform an emergency stop and a hazard avoidance – all on a safe tarmac area, free from traffic and hazards.

Module Two - The last part of the test process involves a supervised 45-minute road ride with an examiner. You'll cover urban and rural roads. Once you pass this, you'll have your full motorcycle licence!

125cc - an engine capacity – 0.125 litres. While car engines are usually described in litres, bike engines tend to be smaller so are referred to in terms of cubic centimetres (cc). You are allowed to ride a 125cc motorcycle from the age of 17, once you hold a CBT. You may complete the first day or two of your training on a 125cc bike.

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